Medica 2000Also with additional front pocket

  • One half of this case opens forward.
  • There are neat pockets for quick and easy access to diagnostic instruments, prescription pads, papers and documents.
  • The inside of the other half is made up of interchangeable compartments and has a transparent cover.
  • A hinged foam covered tray provides breakproof storage for 84 ampoules.
From scratch proof real leather or leatherette:
Dimensions: 42 cm x 19 cm x 29 cm (L/W/H)
Weight: 4000 g / 3900 g
leather, black 1.21.111
leather, burgundy 1.21.113
leatherette, black 1.21.311
With additional front pocket:
Weight: 4200 g
leather, black 1.21.121
leather, burgundy 1.21.123
leatherette, black 1.21.321